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§ Iº Of the common objectives of the Nova Romæ forum:
I - The discussion about the Kingdom of Rome;
II - The discussion about the Roman Republic;
III - The discussion about the Roman Empire;
IV - The discussion about the Western Roman Empire;
V - The discussion about the Eastern Roman Empire (Byzantine Empire).

§ IIº Are owers of the forum, independent and harmonious among themselves, the Legislative represented by the moderators, the Executive represented by the administrator and the Judiciary represented by specific members.

§ III ° To become a member in the forum you must send an email to containing:
I - Three photos of you in good quality, in the front, side and 45 ° positions;
II - Your username and password (To see if you are really the person);
III - Answer your political position, if you do not know you can take a test at 8values.
Single paragraph. In case there is any problem our team will contact you, before this process it is FORBIDDEN the member to post anything or answer any post.

§ IV ° Resulting in banishment:
I - The posting of pornographic content, only being allowed by links and depending on what the member is also punished.
II - The posting of heavy content, this is GORE;
III - Offending another member;
IV - To offend the administrator;
V - Take print content from forum and post somewhere else;
VI - Leftist activism.
VII - To speak barbarian language, that is not derived from Latin, only the exception for English is allowed by the big Latin influence
Single paragraph. Any special situation should be reviewed by the administration

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Rules in English
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